Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Here are some of the human rights CWU is fighting for

Living wage: Workers demand an 18% increase, yet the shareholders, based solely on managements recommendations, decided that 7% increase was sufficient. Although there were discussions about our wages, workers were entirely excluded from this process—even the trusted CC was reduced to an audience.

Health care: Because the company requires health care as a prerequisite of employment, workers demand a 100% medical aid. It is our health and we should be free to choose our own health care. But, currently, workers’ rights to choose a medical aid of their choice has been limited by Vodacom.

Casualisation: The company is currently exploiting workers and making us all more vulnerable. The company should immediately do away with casualisation of labour and treat workers with dignity by giving people permanent jobs they deserve.

Reasonable working hours: The working hours must be reduced to 40 hours a week without any loss of pay to harmonise the professional and personal lives of employees.

Shift system: Currently, Vodacom determines how and when we work. Since it is our lives, we say that we should have a say in the process. Workers must be allowed to negotiate on a shift system that is fair and worker friendly.

Housing subsidy: Everyone is entitled to a safe, reasonable place to live. The company should discuss with us a negotiated housing subsidy for the benefit of all company employees.

Transport Allowances: Just like everyone has a right to live free from harm, so people should be able to commute to their place of employment in a safe way. The company should provide reliable, safe and accessible means of transport for all shift workers.

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