Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Sincere condolences to the bereaved Rampai AJ and family members – Missing files and defenseless members

14 May 2007 - Press release

The labour court matter between Vodacom (Pty) and the Communication Workers Union has been postponed for the third time, due to various reasons. This morning the file was no where to be found and parties (CWU and Vodacom) later told that Rampai AJ is in possession of the file and there is an untimely death of a close relative. Whilst CWU extends its sincere condolences to the bereaved family members - Vodacom employees will remain defenseless and subjected to horrendous employment conditions.

CWU fully respects organs of the state and the rule of law. However, we would like to bring the following developments to the outside world:

· 12th March 07: Vodacom obtained an interim interdict against the industrial action
· 19th March 07: after a lengthy argument presented by the applicant (Vodacom) and the respondent (CWU) the judge requested for more time. The matter was postponed for the 16th April 07
· 16th April 07: unfortunately the matter was not on the records of the day, and the judge deferred the matter for the 14th May 07.
· 14th May 07: the file is no where to be found – later told that the file is with Rampai AJ (circuit in Bloemfontein) - and Rampai AJ has a death in his family (close relative) – the matter is postponed for the 28th May 07

Much as we sympathize with Rampai, but we strongly believe that the institution, Labour Court, is not doing justice to workers (on this matter) and the organised labour. The interim order has overstayed – without any remedy to the prejudiced workers.

We hope that the Labour Court Judge President, Zondo Ray AJ, will look into this matter with the dignity it deserves. We strongly believe that matters of this magnitude can not be confined to personal constraints.

Issued by: Communication Workers Union
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