Thursday, 26 April 2007

Aluta Continua (The struggle continues)

During the past weeks workers from Vodacom attended C.W.U meetings countrywide. Different provinces had to discuss the Vodacom struggle and the way forward on how to deal with issues that were deemed to be National issues. Pertinent issues raised by workers were that of:
· Racial discrimination when it came to promotions, incentives and leave approval.
· Huge wage gap amongst people on the same level.
· Inconsistency by management in applying company policies.

The biggest dissatisfaction was the continuous harassment and intimidation of unionists. It goes to prove that 'union bashing' is the order of the day within Vodacom - which confirms our suspicions thatthe Verwoed legacy lives on. Vodacom is denying workers their basic humanrights (Freedom of association).

Resolutions were taken and will be implemented, country wide. General meetings will be held so as members we can further engage and deliberate on actions to be taken.

We must understand as South Africans how far we have come as country. We must show the employer that 'divide and rule' no longer has room in this country or in the workplace. We are South Africans no matter what colour, religion or social background.

One union, One Country, One Federation

Aluta Continua (The struggle continues)

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