Thursday, 15 March 2007


This Monday, Vodacom workers in South Africa became the first workers to embark in industrial action against a mobile telecommunications company.

The next day, workers from Vodafone (one of of Vodacom's parents) applied for union recognition in the UK. Their union, Connect, says it is disappointed that Vodafone would not negotiate. Instead, Connect had to take them to the labour authorities.

Why are we not surprised?

Vodafone UK also claimed that there was not sufficient interest in their union among their workers.

Why are we also not surprised?

Finally, Vodafaone is also instituting a "consultation process" which also seems to try to tell workers that they don't need a union.

Why are we, once again, not surprised?

Read more about Connect and Vodafone here

Also, it looks like Mo is also wearing the winning team's jersey (click for a larger image):

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