Tuesday, 03 July 2007

Comrade Vodacom Worker:

You are aware that the struggle for recognition of CWU that started some time ago. Thanks to the legal road we have taken, we can now engage in a legal strike, which we believe is the best way to gain our rights. A labour court has upheld our certificate.

Note that the right to strike is a constitutional right, which you were born with. You cannot sign it away, any more than you could sign away your right to live and breathe. Don't be misled by management tricks. Remember we are fighting a company that every day is more controlled by the British company Vodafone. They are known all over the world for their union bashing.

It is essential that all Vodacom workers participate in the marches on Wednesday, July 4th. It is important for the government to realise what kind of company Vodacom is. It is shocking that a company that began operations in 1994 has made no progress towards transformation. The top levels of the company continue to be dominated by one racial group, by one gender. Thus previously disadvantaged workers are deprived of the opportunity to access the skills, positions and benefits of the top levels.

Let us not fool ourselves. No one has ever advanced in this country through being docile and obedient to those in power. It is only through struggle that workers have advanced in South Africa.

We have a solution to these problems that will make Vodacom a stronger company. Let us negotiate an end to salary discrepancies, and a system of payment and promotions that rewards merit and promotes transformation.

CWU is a national, non-racial union affiliated to Cosatu, committed to fight for workers rights. It is the largest union in the industry, and is considering applying for a secondary strike so that workers in other companies can join us. But no one will do for you what you will not do for yourself. This is why we need to be out in numbers.


VODAWORLD, Midrand - 9h00, Shell Garage

PIER PLACE, Cape Town - 11h00 Herengracht


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