Friday, 02 March 2007

The Dispute in the News!

Archive of news stories related to this dispute.

COSATU Pledges Support to Vodacom Workers

WARNING: Vodacom distributes hundreds of thousands of Rand to Journalists every year through their "Journalist of the Year Award" (see here for more details)". Consequently, some of the following articles may reflect a strong pro Vodacom bias.

13 Mar 07 Vodacom Workers Strike
12 Mar 07 CWU Action Backed by International Union
12 Mar 07 Court Order Halts Vodacom Strike
8 Mar 07 Union Threatens Strike at Vodacom
8 Mar 07 Vodacom Industrial Action and Other Related Matters
8 Mar 07 Vodacom Workers Embark on Protest Action
2 Mar 07 Vodacom's rebuke shows why unions need a voice

23 Feb 07 Communication workers are finding their collective voice
21 Feb 07 CWU Set for Vodacom Strike
14 Feb 07 Vodacom to face strike
12 Feb 07 Strike Hovers Over Vodacom
9 feb 07 CWU Locks Horns with Telecoms Sector
8 Feb 07 Communication Workers Union Media Update
8 Feb 07 Anti Union Developments in the information and communication industry
5 Feb 07 Vodacom Rejects Union's Claims
2 Feb 07 Vodacom faces CCMA

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